In addition to our Shule services, Hamerkaz offers a variety of programs for adults and children also hosts many educational programs and community events!


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Shabbat Shelanu Youth Programs
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Shabbat & Holidays Youth Program שבת שלנו

The Shabbat Shelanu Youth Program, led by our energetic youth leaders, provides an exciting program for children ages 3-12 during the Synagogue Services on Shabbat (mornings) and Holidays.

The one-hour program incorporates age-appropriate Tefilla (prayer) and play-based learning on the Parsha/Jewish Holiday and Jewish values. Through games, songs and stories, the children experience the beauty of their traditions and community, in a fun setting. This also enables parents to concurrently enjoy the Shule services.

This Shule program is in addition to many other youth programs, including our Lamdeni Hebrew & Jewish Heritage Program, Machon Bar/Bat-Mitzvah Program, KefKidz Holiday Program  (during school breaks) and others.