ABOUT OUR SYNAGOGUE  אודות בית הכנסת שלנו

Our family-friendly Synagogue is an open and welcoming home for young and old, English or Hebrew speakers. It is a home for anyone who wishes to join an joyful and inspiring Tefilah service, conducted in an easy-to-follow and casual environment.

The Shabbat and Chagim (Holy Days) services include inspirational sermons by Rabbi Motty Liberow, exciting children's programs, and are followed by a delicious community Kiddush luncheon - the ideal place to mix and mingle and develop new friendships and a strong sense of community.

You Are Welcome To Join Us Any Time - You'll Love The Hamerkaz Experience!



Weekdays | 
Mon & Thu: 7:20am-8am

Friday Evening | 

Shabbat |
Morning service: 10:00am-12:15pm
Torah Reading: 11:00am
'Shabbat Shelanu' Youth Program: 11:15am
Community Kiddush Luncheon: 12:15pm
Mincha: 1:30pm (approx.)